Social Media Marketing

There is a place where millions of people talk about your product and your company. And you do not have to leave your house in order to be part of the discussion.

  • Your online presence and well thought Social Media Marketing strenghtens the presence of your company and brand.
  • You can establish sustainable relationships with existing customers and get access to new customers
  • And did you know? Social Media is a good opportunity to get in touch with people that want to work in your company.
  • Let us talk about your goals in Social Media Marketing and I will help you to develop a determined strategy.

  • And if requested I take care for your Social Media channels.

Photography / Videography

It is true: Humans rather watch videos and pictures instead of reading texts.

  • Appealing images make sure that people are attracted.
  • Good pictures make sure that a post is read by your audience.
  • Great visual content makes sure that people stay much longer on your website and that they spend more time on your Social Media channels.
  • I am a photographer by heart and I am happy to help with creating great visual content.

  •  Product photography, business portrait – let us talk about what we need in order to show your company in the best possible light.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Yellow pages and phone book is yesterday´s tools…
Today we “Google it”

    • The best way to do get access to new customers is using word of mouth.
    • But who do you ask these days when you are in need of some information?
      These days people rather use a search engine instead of trusting family and friends.
    • Make sure that your website is prepared for search engines and your customers can find you.
  • Search engines are not as clever as humans are. With SEO you optimize your website the way that the search engine is capable to understand what your website is about.
  • SEO can be an interesting thing. Do you know what your customer enters into google-search in order to find YOU?
  • Let us look at your search engine results and let us check where we can optimize your website.
  • SEA is another way to get found by search engines. SEA means Search Engine Advertising and this is payed advertising.
  • If you have questions please contact me:

Social Media Services

Social Media Analysis

Let us analyse the current situation and we will work out a strategy how we can reach your goals in Social Media marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

People search for answers in the internet. Make sure that YOU are getting found.

Specialized Personnel

You are looking for specialized personnel since a long time? And you did not find the right staff for your company?
Lots of companies are successfull in hiring specialized personnel right where people spend time every day: In Social Media.

Content is King

What is your story? I would love to help you to tell your story. We can go through your picture library for pictures we can use. And if needed I can help you to create new visual content for your Social Media presence.

Editorial Calendar

Things will be easier if you have a plan. An editorial calender will be the ideal tool to have an overview about all events and activities that are a matter of interest to you.

Customer Care

Customers talk about companies and their experiences right where they are.
Many companies already offer the possibility to get in touch with a company over Social Media chanels. On a long term people will no longer be willing to use another channel like e-mail or phone.

Social Media and photography

Consulting, Conception and Implementation

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